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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Reader Question: Milani Orange Gina in polish form

After my post about Milani Orange Gina yesterday, a dear friend sent me this question:

"Is there a nail polish in this color?" -P.M.

This got me lacquer hunting (always a dangerous thing) and led me straight to Temptalia’s swatch gallery.  

I take no credit for actually discovering these dupes – I found them all by looking through the swatch gallery and various other Temptalia posts.  If you can believe it, I didn't have ANY dupes in my own stash.  Boo-hoo!

Perhaps it is no surprise that Milani has a color that coordinates beautifully with Orange Gina.  That would be Metal Gear ($4.49) which has beautiful orange and gold-ish shimmer.  I think this is the best possible dupe and it has a friendly price tag, to boot.  Plus, I love the formula on Milani polishes!  (I can’t find this polish on Milani’s website but I believe you can pick it up in select CVS stores.) UPDATE:  I can't find this polish to purchase ANYWHERE!

Next is Zoya Tanzy ($8).  It seems to have a similar color but much more shimmer.  I think this is a BEAUTIFUL color!  It's bright and eye-catching.  You can purchase Tanzy HERE.

Zoya Tanzy
Photo taken from Zoya's website

The next option is Nubar Arencia ($8) which is absolutely gorgeous.  I haven’t gotten any Nubar polishes yet but I’ve only ever heard raves.  I think Arencia is a little darker than Orange Gina but it definitely has the same je ne sais quoi.  It is absolutely lovely and you can purchase it HERE.

Nubar Arencia
Photo taken from Nubar's website

Another nice pick is China Glaze Riveting ($2.81 + $1.99 shipping on Amazon; price varies by location, but this is a great deal).  This came out with the Hunger Games collection and represents District 3 for technology.  I wanted to adore this collection, but something about it was off.  Maybe it was because there was a bunch of drama over the names or because the idea of people worrying about polish in ANY of the Districts was absurd.  (Except of course, for The Capital.)  Anyway, this color is wonderful put side-by-side with Orange Gina and I think it's my favorite one.  It's for sale on Amazon HERE.

China Glaze Riveting
Photo taken from

So there you have it!  Four beautiful polishes that really evoke Orange Gina and that I think would match really nicely.  Be sure to check out Temptalia’s swatch gallery – it is really incredible!



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  1. Was in CVS today and looked for the Milani Metal Gear, but with no luck. They do carry Milani, but didn't have this color. Bummer!

    1. Bummer! I'll look at the CVS here and see if I can find it. If I do, I'll send you a bottle.