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Monday, August 13, 2012

Lining lips: yay or nay?

Lip liner - love it or hate it?  I feel like older generations tend to like lip liner more than us younger folk.  I think the problem is that matching lip liner to lipstick can be difficult.  If you're not careful, you end up looking like a chola.  *Just sayin'*

This lady gets it, riiiiight?
NSFW (naughty words)

The point I'm making is that I don't usually rock lip liner.  I even read in some fashion magazine (don't ask me which one) that you should never wear lip liner "no matter what the lady at the makeup counter says."  HA!

However, I think you can still find some great colors in lip liner and rock them all over your lips!  So, I present to you Wet n Wild Color Icon Liner Pencil in Berry Red 717.

I've said before that I don't usually rock a red lip.  I think it clashes with my orange-red hair.  However, I couldn't resist this little cutie for 99 cents!  

I actually picked it up to create a Canadian flag on my lips for an Olympics opening ceremony party; however, that proved waaaay too difficult!  

The color is intense and lovely but the formula is a bit drying.  I wouldn't saying that the staying power is very great...maybe about two hours.  This isn't my top pick, but if you rock red lips a lot you might find that it helps keep your lipstick in line!

You can buy it HERE or in almost any drugstore for 99 cents.  

Do you rock red lips?  Love liner?  Proudly rock a chola look?!



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  1. I'm a little late on this, but speaking as a representative of the "older generation", I have never consistently used lip liners but do periodically get talked into buying them because they allegedly prevent bleeding into those pesky lip lines that we get as we age. They probably do help with that, but IMHO, lip liner needs to be as close as possible to the color of your lips. Otherwise, it just looks ridiculous, because lipstick inevitably wears off first, leaving the lip liner by itself. The bottom line is that if you can't apply it correctly, you're much better off without it. While that could be said of many products, I personally find lip liner to be trickier than most.

    1. "If you can't apply it correctly, you're much better off without it"

      That's a great beauty motto, Aunt Pie!!! So true!