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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Today's trio brings back memories

One thing I really love about makeup is its ability to conjure up memories.  Often, that can take the form of a signature scent or look.  For me, this Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio ($33) brings up memories of a trip I took to Washington DC.

I was dreadfully excited that there was Macy's nearby, as we don't have one near where I live.  In all honesty, the store was a bit overwhelming but the cosmetics counters were spectacular!

My eye caught on the lovely trios sitting on the Shiseido counter.  My wonderfully exotic looking saleswoman offered to do a makeup look on me with this trio, GD804 - Opera.  

Does that middle color look a bit green to you?  It does to me but it actually comes across as gold-ish.  

I loved the look she created and just had to pick up this baby.  This was my first piece of (what I considered at the time) very high-end makeup.  However, this is actually a great amount of product and it's so creamy and pigmented that you hardly need to use any to have a great impact!  

Plus, this was my "souvenir" for the trip!  I felt big in a big city when I left Macy's and explored DC.  Wonderful!  (I even got compliments from a few strangers that day!)

 Swatched Dry

Swatched Wet

I know what you're thinking:  "What would I ever do with that baby blue color?!"  I thought the same thing.  Put the middle shade as a wash all over your lid and then use the dark green in your crease.  Then, with a really light touch, take a bit of that blue and put it on the outer corner of your lid.  The key is to go lightly!

I do love this trio and definitely recommend it!  You can purchase on Shiseido's website HERE.  I wouldn't mind having VI308 - Bouquet and PK403 - Boudoir in my stash!

 PK403 - Boudoir
Photo taken from Shiseido's website
VI308 - Bouquet 
Photo taken from Shiseido's website



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