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Friday, August 31, 2012

e.l.f.'s Custom Eyes palette is a bit of a waste

Oh, e.l.f.  You're such a tempting little brand.  You call to me every time I'm in Target because your prices are just so darn cheap!  Of course, I usually escape without purchasing anything because I know your quality is often iffy.

However, you snared me with your darling little Custom Eyes build-a-palette.  Each shadow is only $1 and the palette is $1.  Five bucks for a four pan palette seems like a great deal. 

I picked out the colors quite a while ago and no longer have names for the two brown shades.  I looked on e.l.f.'s website but don't seem to see the two shades I have.  I know I have Ivory and Periwinkle, though.

The palette is magnetized and you simply pop in the shadows of your choice.  Cute!  The magnets seem strong enough - I tested it by flipping the palette over and shaking it.   

Unfortunately, I feel like this palette is a waste of five dollars.  The eyeshadows feel buttery and smooth to the touch; however, that translates to very powdery on the eyes.  The colors have decent pigmentation but they tend to crease and fade very, very quickly.  (I'm talking about two hours here.)

My suggestion:  save your $5 for something else.  This palette is good for in an incredibly pinch but it's not something I ever really reach for.  My niece is only one and half years old right now but I'm creating a drawer of makeup for her to play with when she gets old enough. Sadly, this is in that drawer.  

Sorry, e.l.f.  This is a big strikeout for me.  

You can purchase in Target stores or HERE.

Do you own e.l.f. eyeshadows?  What do you think about Custom Eyes?



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