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Friday, August 10, 2012

Don't be a flake! Oh wait...yes! Be a flake!

Today I’m being cruel and showing you a polish that you simply can’t get anymore!  This beauty is Finger Paints Asylum and it was only available at Sally Beauty stores through the month of January this year.  It was $5.49 but you can find a few on eBay for DRASTIC mark-ups.  Please, please don’t pay $26 for this bottle, my friends.  

However, it is incredibly glorious!  If you’ve never heard of flakie polish, allow me to introduce you!  The idea is to layer a flakie polish over a dark color, preferably black.  I’ve used a dark eggplant color before but the effect was not nearly as nice as over black.

The effect is given off from tiny flakes inside a clear base.  The bottle I have, Asylum, has red and blue flakes that flash different colors at different angles.  I see purple, orange, and green.  I liken the flakie effect to that of a beetle’s shell:  shiny, iridescent, and captivating from all angles.

I started with a layer of my basecoat (Orly Bonder) and then two layers of OPI Black Onyx.  Then, I did two layers of Finger Paints Asylum.  Flakies take a little while longer to dry, so be patient between coats.  Then, I topped it all off with a coat of Seche Vite.

See that green?!

I really love this effect and think it’s lovely as we head into fall.  Unfortunately, not many polish brands have flakies yet.  I do hope that more brands will get on the trend because I adore them!  

(Oh, and trust that I would have picked up one or two more of these at Sally’s but they were already sold out when I got there THE DAY AFTER they released!  Polish addicts were all over these cheap babies!)



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