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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Disclosure Policy

Orange Lipstick Disclosure Policy

The opinions of the author/owner of Orange Lipstick are solely her own and are not influenced by any outside company, affiliate, advertiser, or group.  Orange Lipstick’s commitment is to the readers.

The author/owner of Orange Lipstick makes no claim to be a healthcare professional, makeup artist, or expert in any field.  Any reviews or advice are to be taken as the opinions of the author/owner.  Please use your own discretion when using products and consult a medical professional, if necessary.    

All content on Orange Lipstick (other than user comments) is protected by copyright and sole possession of all content belongs to the author/owner.  Any unauthorized use (copying, duplicating, republishing, etc.) of copyright-protected material is expressly forbidden without written consent from the author/owner of Orange Lipstick.  To obtain consent, please email the author/owner at  The author/owner respects the intellectual property of others, too.  If you believe that your content has been used in an unauthorized manner, please contact the author/owner immediately for removal.

The author/owner reserves the right to edit or entirely remove comments that violate the law or these disclosure terms.  Any inappropriate, hateful, threatening, malicious, or “spamming” comments will be removed at the author/owner’s discretion.  

The opinions and analysis on this blog are never meant to malign any group based on religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political affiliation, age, income, gender, etc.  Comments that do so will be immediately removed so as to keep Orange Lipstick as a safe space for all.

The author/owner reserves the right to include advertisements, affiliate links, or featured editorial content at her discretion.  These will always be clearly identified.  At times, Orange Lipstick may feature reviews of products that were sent for consideration by a brand or its PR company.  No promise is made that these products will be reviewed favorably or even reviewed at all.  Press samples will always be clearly identified.

Your use of this blog constitutes your consent to the terms outlined in this disclosure.  If, for any reason, you violate these terms the author/owner reserves the right to limit or deny your access to Orange Lipstick.  If you have questions about Orange Lipstick’s disclosure policy, please contact the author/owner at 

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