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Saturday, October 13, 2012

The most unique polish in my stash + a cheap dotting tool!

I have a pretty decent nail stash compared to the average woman.  (Compared to true polishaholics, I don't have anything.)  Anyway, I have a lot of nice shades but I think most of them are "Yep.  That looks like red," or "Yep, a purple glitter."

This, however, is my most unique polish (for the moment) and is something I just recently stumbled upon.  I have no idea how I hadn't heard of it until now!

This is Orly Ingenue and it's simply fantastic.  This is a pinkish-purplish metallic color with TONS of gold glitter!  The glitter is teeny-tiny and doesn't scream "glitter" like some super chunky glitters tend to do.

At some angles, the color is purple.  At other angles it is pink.  And at other angles the gold flares up to create a beautiful, shiny surface.  

This is one of those weird shades that is a GLITTER but is still super work-place appropriate.  I only used two coats in these pictures.  This is a nice, thin consistency which happens to be my favorite type to work with.  I know some people prefer a little thicker but this is perfect for me.

My only complaint is the Orly brush in general.  I hate how long it is because it tends to pick up waaaayyy more polish than you need for each nail.  Tread carefully!

Of course, I couldn't be satisfied with just this gorgeous color - I had to add in another favorite that I've mentioned before...

That's right!  I added dots in Milani Key West.  This really wasn't difficult at all.  I'd say it took about ten minutes to do both hands and that was because I was going nice and slowly.  And what did I use to dot?

That's right!  I'm a frugalista so I just stuck a pin in the end of a pencil eraser!  This makes a cheap and easy dotting tool!  Just put a blob of polish on a piece of paper/cardboard/wax paper/etc and then dot the end of the pin into it.  Easy!

Have you ever dotted your nails before?  What are your favorite color combos?

I bought my bottle of Orly Ingenue at Sally's Beauty Supply for about $6.50.



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