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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Punchy red-orange lips with Wet n Wild Salsa Lessons!

Don't you love a good cheap thrill?  Wet n Wild MegaShield SPF 15 Lip Color is a good start at only $2.99! 

I picked up a tube of Salsa Lessons.  Please forgive the ratty appearance of the tube.  Peeling off the packaging leaves sticky residue everywhere and I just haven't had the heart to remove it all.

With a name like "Lip Color" it's hard to know the exact finish they're going for here:  sheer?  opaque?

I do want to praise this product for having an SPF 15!  A lot of lipsticks don't have SPF and you know how I feel about skin care

(Again, please forgive me for forgetting an arm swatch!  I got caught in a picture-taking frenzy of a bunch of lipsticks and completely forgot arm swatches.  Sorry!)

This color is gorgeous and produces a nice, opaque finish.

Unfortunately, this product doesn't seem to stay put too well.  You'll definitely want to blot afterwards to try to keep the product from slipping away by itself.

Do you need it?  Well, not if you have similar colors in your stash.  This is a nice color and it's very budget friendly so if you don't have anything like it, you might want to grab it next time you're at CVS or Walgreens (or wherever!).

It's $2.99 and you can purchase HERE.



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