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Thursday, October 25, 2012

An easy, almost-free nail polish storage solution

Organizing your nail polishes can be a pain!  I've always wanted a rack like they have in nail salons so I can see my polishes easily; however, they are very expensive.  Here's a cheap and easy way to organize your polishes that I originally saw on The Beauty Department HERE.

My polishes are organized by color although the drawer is a bit messy right now.

Take white labels and the polishes you want to label.

Paint a bit of each color on the white label.  You want to use white so you get an accurate read of the color.

Next, use a hole-puncher to cut out circles of each polish.  Peel off the back and stick to the cap!  Easy!

As you can see, some polishes have room on the lid for the entire circle.  However, due to the raised text on some of the bottles I had to trim the circles to fit.

These circles make it easy to quickly identify colors without having to pull up everything and check.

My only complaint with this method is the dark colors and glitters are difficult.  For example, dark green, dark blue, and black look similar on the small dots on the black caps.  Also, I couldn't get a lot of the glitters to stick.

One method is to run over the dot with a very thin layer of top coat.  Make sure you get the edges of the dot and this should keep the dot in place.  (Use regular top coat, not fast-drying.)

Cheap and easy storage!  Woot!

How do you organize your polishes?



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