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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Purples and neutrals, oh my! I finally cure my Tarina Tarantino lemming

I have had my eye on this Tarina Tarantino palettes for about a year now but I always felt $32 was far too much for it.  So you know I had to grab is when it went on sale for $20! 

Sadly, Tarina Tarantino is leaving Sephora but you can still grab some of the pieces online or in stores.

The colors in this palette look fabulous and they prove to be "Fantastical," too!

The design is really cute but I do wish this included some sort of brush.  However, I can make do without one.

The eyeshadows are dense, buttery, and highly pigmented.  I really couldn't ask more from the formula on these.  The shadows are vibrant and last incredibly well.  Plus, there are so many color combinations to create seamless looks.

Swatched clockwise starting from the top (middle shade last)

My only tiny complaint is that I wish the shades had names.  (But that's a minor complaint!)

I don't experience any creasing or fading with these, even after 12 hours!

Grab this while it lasts!  You can purchase HERE for $20.  



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  1. I'm so glad that you swatched this. I have only one Tarina eye shadow, and I love it--it's purple. Love this one!