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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wet n Wild Color Icon mini-series Part 5: Comfort Zone

Imagine if you will that in some terrible twist of fate you suddenly use up all your eyeshadows and must replace your stash.  Someone hands you $5 and tells you to go into the drugstore and buy ONE thing. 

What do you get?!  Well, if you're me, you grab Comfort Zone!

This palette has been heralded all across the Internet in tons of beauty blog.  The lovely neutrals and pop of green make this a super nice palette for only $5.

Like the Petal Pusher palette, there are two sets of the standard browbone, eyelid, and crease shades plus the definer.

I'm going to just let the pictures do the talking but look how beautiful these are!  The copper penny color is especially gorgeous.

This definer shadow is so unique - it's a reddish brown with green duochrome.  Just amazing!
You need this palette!  Don't you love just how pigmented these are?  Ugh, I can't even emphasize how much I love it.

You need it!

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