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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Adventures in foreign lip products at my local Indian grocery store!

Yesterday I went searching for some henna so that I can touch up my desperately-needing-it roots.  I ended up at an Indian grocery store with some high hopes!  Sure enough, I found some packages so I'll be posting about henna ussage soon.

And then I saw the beauty rack!  I've been looking for a good purple lipstick for a while.  I Purple?  YES!  Maybe it's just the Fall or maybe it's my love for purple but I really wanted some.

Lipgloss, Deepest Purple, Tornato

So, I grabbed two lipsticks and a lipgloss from the shelf.  They were each $1.29!  What a steal!

 Unfortunately, I don't have the name of the lipgloss in front of me, nor do I have the tube with me.  The lipsticks are 178 Deepest Purple and 168 Tornato.  They're from a line called Princessa but unfortunately I can't find them anywhere online.  You'll just have to scout out your local Indian store!

L-R: Lipgloss, Deepest Purple, Deepest Purple with gloss on top, Tornato, Tornato with gloss on top

You'll see why, but I really felt these lipsticks worked best with the lipgloss layered over the top.

Get ready for a bunch of pictures!

Lipgloss only

Lipgloss only
 The gloss is nice and opaque.  I think the color is really great and definitely appears more purple in person.
Deepest Purple

Deepest Purple

Deepest Purple with gloss

Deepest Purple with gloss
You can see that Deepest Purple has spotty application.  I seriously layered and layered this without too much success.  I finally just gave up and threw the gloss on top.  The opaque nature of the gloss really helps fill in the patches.



Tornato with gloss

Tornato with gloss
I definitely think this is my favorite combination; however, Tornato also suffers from pretty poor application.  Plus, the bullet feels dry and draggy.  That translates on lips to dry, dry skin.  My lips felt totally parched after wearing these lipsticks for just a couple of hours.

The gloss is a winner, especially at $1.29!  However, you can definitely pass on these lipsticks.  The gloss is smooth, smells like fruit punch, and has no discernible taste.

I may go back for a few more glosses but I definitely will skip on any more lipsticks.  These are going into my "special occasion" drawer!

BTW:  My sweet coworker let me swatch these on her darker skin so I could see how they'd look.  No surprise - these would really sing on darker-skinned ladies!

Oh, and here's me rocking purple lips!



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