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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Discovering my EvRev lipglass after months of missing it!

Today is the first day of Fall and I couldn't be happier!  Something about the crisp weather, changing leaves, and cozy clothes make me love Fall more than any other season.  I decided to grab my Fall/Winter purses out of the closet and start giving them some love.  Of course, that involves cleaning out all the detritus from last season!

Yikes!  As you can see from the DayQuil, Zicam, and cough drops, I get sick in the colder months!  But more importantly, do you see the two beauty finds?

One of them is a Bare Minerals lipliner (which I'll review at a later date) and the other is MAC Evolution Revolution Lipglass ($14.50).

This was my first ever MAC purchase and I bought it because I'm so obsessed with Karen from Makeup and Beauty Blog.  You see, Evolution Revolution is part of the Bloggers' Obsession collection that came out from MAC a while back.

MAC invited various beauty bloggers to create a custom product and the results were amazing.  EvRev (as it's affectionately called) is Karen's creation and I think it's gorgeous.  (My only complaint is that lipglasses are so sticky!)

You can read all about the inspiration and creation of EvRev at MBB here.

I'll let Karen describe the color:
"Like colors shifting in the light as it falls on a woman’s face at sunset, the colors of Evolution Revolution Lipglass are beautiful and complex — from some angles, pink; from others, peachy gold. And when the light hits them just right, we see brief flashes of purple, green and blue micro glitter."

YES!  It's so amazing!

This is a color that looks good on everyone.  You can wear it alone (like I'm doing in the pictures) or you can layer it over pretty much everything!

You should also check out Karen's "12 Ways to Wear MAC Evolution Revolution Lipglass" post!

Now, you can't buy these on MAC's website anymore but you can find some tubes on eBay.  I hate showing you things you can't have but this was just too pretty to pass up!



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