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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Color Icon mini-series part 3: I'm Getting Sunburned

Today's Wet n Wild Color Icon trio is the terribly named I'm Getting Sunburned.  I hate this name!  Wear sunscreen, y'all!

This trio contains a pink, brown, and gold.  Pinks and browns seem to be popular in these Color Icon trios (see Part 2).

This is probably my least favorite trio out of the ones that I have because I feel like the texture of all three shades is a bit dry for the range.  The pink is especially hard.

The pink is a shimmery cotton candy kind of color.

 However, the brown is very dense and beautifully pigmented.

The gold is quite standard but I do love a good gold!

My favorite color from this trio is the beautiful brown!  The above swatch is just one swipe of brown.  The other two are more heavily swatched.

These aren't terribly creative colors - they're pretty easily duped.  However, this is still quite a nice steal at $2.99.  You can find these shadows at almost any drugstore.

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