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Monday, September 3, 2012

Kat Von D promises tattoo strength foundation - and she delivers!

Kat Von D is on a roll with some wonderful new products, y'all!  This new foundation is sooooo neat - check it out!

This is Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Foundation.  According to the packaging, it has:

*Full Coverage
*24-Hour Wear (WHY?!)
*Transfer Resistant
*Matte Finish
*Fragrance Free

Let's all remember that you don't need to wear foundation for 24 hours, mmmkay?

Anyway, this is awesome because I usually can't rock full coverage products because they have oil.  Plus, they feel incredibly mask-like and ewww.  I was shade-matched at Sephora as Light 44.  I think the color is just a wee bit yellow for my skin but it blends out just fine.

This bottle is $34 for 1 fl oz (purchase HERE).  The beauty is that you literally need half a pump for your entire face!  Why?  Well, according to Sephora's website this product contains 21% pigment!  Wow!

I love the design of the bottle; however, I wish the bottom told me the shade name/number more elegantly than this stamp.

(See my orange camera?  Told you I'm an orange fan!)

This swatch is literally a tiny, tiny size.  A full pump is about the size of a small pea.  And I only use half pump for my entire face!  The risk with this product is that too much product will make your face look cakey.  Instead, start with a teensy tiny amount and build.

I use the e.l.f. Studio Powder Brush ($3) on my friend Megan's recommendation.  It seriously works!  The flat top with the densely packed bristles help to blend the makeup to an air-brushed-like finish.  You can pick up this brush HERE - it's totally a HG product for me.

(Photo taken from e.l.f.'s website)

Now, I had heard great things about this product covering scars.  Personally, I don't cover my scars because I like them.   (I have chicken pox scars on my face, two scars on my left hand, and a 7 inch scar on my collarbone from corrective surgery.)  This is a personal cosmetic choice but I know lots and lots of people prefer to cover their scars.  To each his own!

Here are the scars on my hand:

This was from an unfortunate razor accident.  Ugh.  See the two of them?

Now here they are covered up:

Ehhh...not wonderful.  Plus, I made the big mistake of using too much product on my hand.  I promise it's not that cakey on your face if you use the right amount.  Sure, the scars look diminished but they aren't GONE.  

I think you could touch this up with some concealer to make it all go away.  I don't find that my deep chicken pox scars on my face are adequately covered up with the product, either.  Of course, my tiny acne scars do get covered up very well.  (I won't subject you to pics of those!  Lol.)  Also, the sales associate at Sephora covered up my collarbone scar with this just to test it.  I found that it made it virtually invisible when looking in the mirror.  (I owe a lot of that to Mederma, lol!) 

Let's talk about staying power:  this baby lasts ALL DAY.  Seriously.  It rocks on without oxidizing or smearing.  Washing it off can be a pain and you'll need a good washcloth or Clarisonic to get it all off.

Do you need this?  If you're looking for a full-coverage foundation that doesn't make your skin feel trapped, you would totally enjoy it!  If you need it to cover up big scars, you'll find that it reduces their appearance but that you'll still want to top off with some concealer.



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  1. I haven't met a KVD product I don't love! Unfortunately, I'm not quite as bold as many of her products are intended for, but I don't hesitate to use the ones I can pull off! The quality is hands down fantastic though!!!