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Monday, September 17, 2012

A visit with the dermatologist

L'shana tovah and happy Rosh Hashanah, everyone!

Also, a big, huge, super happy birthday to my dad!  My parents are my two biggest fans!

I want to quickly touch on some important points that came up at my appointment with my dermatologist today.  I went in for a mole that's on my arm and was showing warning signs.  It's easy to remember these five warning signs simply by remembering ABCDE:  Asymmetry, Border, Color, Diameter, Elevation.  For more information, click HERE.

Anyway, my derm scheduled an appointment for me to come in and have the mole removed, just in case.  They'll test it, of course; however, I'm hoping it's nothing.

My point is this:  SUNSCREEN.  Seriously.

I am the most militant person I know about wearing sunscreen.  I would encourage everyone to take skin care seriously.  Not only for the vanity of good looks (less wrinkles, younger-looking skin), but also for your health.  Melanoma is no joke.

Secondly, my doctor prescribed an alcohol-based topical product to help combat acne.  I don't have much but this will be good at preventing the occasional flare up.  I told him that I had heard alcohol was bad for collagen production and could cause wrinkles.  He laughed and said this:

"Only three things cause wrinkles.  One - smoking cigarettes, which I hope you don't do any of.  Two - unprotected sun exposure, which I hope you don't do any of.  Three - time, which I hope you have a lot of!"

Lol.  I agree!  Of course, I have also heard that tugging and pulling at your skin can cause wrinkles, but that's pretty common sense.

Anyway, this is a serious post to remind you to go to your dermatologist if you feel you have any questions or concerns about your skin.  And please, please wear sunscreen!  Remember, I'm not a doctor but please talk to your doctor about your skin!



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