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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Shocker: I'm disappointed with this orange lipgloss

Ok, in order to read this post, go read The Muse's post first!

You're back?  Good.  Ok, now look at the promo image again.  Whoa...those are some orange lips on the model!  You know I'm loving it.

So, of course I went out and bought Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Gloss in Captivating Coral.

Doe-foot applicator = my favorite

So far, so good!
 I had high, high expectations of tangerine lips with this...

 *whomp whomp*

How disappointed was I?!  Sure...this has some orange in it...but I wanted so much more orange!  Please go back and look at the promo image again and tell me that my lips look similar in color. can't.  

Sure, maybe they layer the gloss over a lipstick on the model but it's a little misleading to put it on the promo if that's not really the color you can expect to get.  

And yes, I know that advertisers lie.  I know that advertisers mislead.  But this is really disappointing for someone obsessed with orange lips - I already have glosses like this.

That brings me to my next point:  

Look at the small amount of product that actually resides in this packaging.  Sure, the tube seems big but it's actually pretty small.  This has 0.17 oz of product for $6.79.  Let's think about the fact that I spent $14 for FOUR 0.169 oz tubes of lipgloss from Sephora.  That's 0.676 oz for $14.  So, comparing apples to apples:  the Maybelline is $39.94 / 1 oz and the Sephora is $20.71 / 1 oz.  The Sephora is a much better value for what I consider to be a superior product.

Do you need this?  Nope.  Save your pennies for something more pigmented.

You can purchase HERE if you so desire.



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