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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Skin 79 BB Cream is the holiest product in my Holy Grail arsenal!

I've been delaying writing this post because it feels so important to me!  Lol, I know it's silly but this BB cream has made such a difference in my skin that I want to do it justice!

I'm talking about Skin 79 Super+ Beblesh Balm.  I own both the Triple Function (affectionately known as "Pink Label") and the VIP Gold Collection ("Gold Label").  These two BB creams are so similar that I decided to just review them together.  You can buy Pink Label HERE ($13.78) and Gold Label HERE ($7.99 + $4.99 shipping)

This is a true Asian BB cream, meaning that it comes in just one shade selection.  BB creams are meant to be used as a primer and foundation, which I really think these deliver.  Both deliver whitening, wrinkle improvement, and UV protection with SPF 25 PA++.

This stuff is AMAZING!  It's creamy and dense and provides medium coverage, which you can build to full coverage if you wish.  When I'm in a hurry, I just smooth a little of this under my eye area instead of concealer and it works amazingly well.  

This BB cream will stay on all day long.  Seriously, your skin will still look amazing at the end of the day.  Now, these BB creams are NOT oil-free but somehow they still work for me without breaking me out.  They do have a dewy finish, so you may want to top it off with a bit of powder to tone that down.

I think the only difference between Pink Label and Gold Label is that the Gold Label is a little creamier and more moisturizing.  I think I'll turn to this more in the winter months when my skin is a bit drier.  (The Gold Label may just be a little bit warmer than the Pink Label, but it's a minuscule difference.)  I wear the Pink Label as part of my daily routine and it's a Holy Grail product, to say the least.

Pink Label on left
Gold Label on right

The best method for application is to pat, pat, pat.  Rubbing or smoothing it on doesn't work as well - just pad it into skin and it will absorb quickly.  

A little goes a long way and I've had this Pink Label bottle since MAY, people!  That's right - I've been using it about 80% of the time for almost five months and it's still going strong!  Ridiculous!

Do you need a bottle of Skin 79 BB cream?  YES!  You do!  You will love this stuff as long as you fit in the narrow shade range.

Do you use BB cream?  Love it?  What do you think of Skin 79?  I want to try the Orange Label but I'm not sure it will be different enough from the Pink or Gold to warrant a purchase.



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