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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Reader Question: Best place for a makeover

An O.L. reader hit up my inbox today and I was thrilled!  I can’t tell you how much I enjoy answering reader questions.  Keep ‘em coming!

Here’s what she asked:

I just graduated and got a teaching job at a high school and need to update my make up look.  I really just put something on and hope it looks okay!  I saw that you had a lesson at Clinique and was looking into it, but I've heard that Sephora was a better place to learn.  I just wanted your opinion to see where the better place to get a more sophisticated look and learn how to do it the best way.”

First of all – congrats on the graduation and new job!  A new career move is always a good reason to update your look!  (Of course, not that I need justification for more makeup!  Lol!)

Honestly, I would consider trying both.  It never hurts to look at multiple places.  If you're going to go to Clinique, call ahead and ask them if there is a minimum purchase requirement.  Some places require that you buy a certain amount in exchange for the makeover, so it may be good to find out their policy ahead of time.  Clinique is good at creating really natural looks without looking ridiculously overdone, plus their prices are really good.

I will say that my preference with Sephora is that, if you ask them, they'll be happy to show you how to do something on one eye (or side of your face) and then have you replicate it on the other side.  This is INCREDIBLY useful. 

Also, they tend to do their makeovers in front of a mirror so you can see what they're working on as they do it.  This is really useful because when someone does your makeup and then leads you to a mirror, it may look nice but you have no idea how to recreate it at home. 

Sephora does not require a minimum purchase with a makeover.  My guideline is this:  only buy what you really like and what really looks good on you.  A lot of times people get stuck with a crummy product because they felt pressure to buy.  If they do your makeup and you don't love the products, don't feel bad about walking out empty handed.  Also, don't be afraid to speak up as they're making you over.  If you hate a product, just say so or say something like, "Green isn't really my preferred eyeshadow shade.  What else might you suggest?"  (But then again, be open-minded!  You never know what might look good on you that you haven't tried!)

All in all, I'd probably start with Sephora just because they carry so many lines (including Clinique!) and can pull products from various different ranges.  Ask if they can explain what they're doing and what tactics/brushes/methods they're using as they go along. 

One other tried and true tip:  Casually walk through the store and find a sales person who has nice makeup that fits your style.  If you're looking for something more natural, don't pick the person with really dramatic makeup!  If the sales person has a look that you'd like to emulate, she'll be experienced in creating that specific look.  (I say “she” but the best makeup tips I ever got from a Sephora sales person were from a man!) 

Lastly, it may be helpful to take in a few pictures of looks you like.  Flip through a magazine or do an online search and save pictures of the things you like.  Then, you can show them to the makeup artist.  This will be very helpful for them!

Sorry for being so verbose but I hope that helps answer your question!

Thanks for reading, everyone!



One more thing that I forgot.  SOME Sephoras have "Customized Makeup Application" which is a full HOUR of help and that DOES require a $50 minimum purchase.  I have NEVER encountered that problem at my local Sephora.  And seriously?  An hour?  If the sales person tries to talk you into the "Customized Makeup Application," I would just politely decline and leave.  But like I said, I've never even heard of such a thing at my Sephora.

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