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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Is whitening for your skin? It is for mine!

You see all kinds of buzzwords on cosmetics in America:  anti-aging, minimizes pores, controls shine, firming.  One word you never really see?  Whitening.  However, that word is HUGE in the world of Asian cosmetics.  

Why?  Well, I think the prevailing idea is that whiter skin is somehow deemed more desirable.  Rubbish!  All skin tones are beautiful and I mean that with complete sincerity.

But where there's a demand, there are sure to be products to fill it.  Enter Skinfood Omija Whitening Cream.  This cute little pot holds 50 grams.  I think the detailing is lovely.  It's hard to see in these pictures but the pot has a gradient from rose pink to cream.  Very cute!

"Why would you want to whiten your skin, Paleface?!" is what you're probably thinking.  Well...this baby brightens more than it whitens.  My face literally GLOWS.  I put it on at night as my moisturizer and wake up with glowy, lit-from-within skin.    

Of course, this benefits from continued use; however, I think I do see some changes in some of my darker marks.  Seriously, I can't find a flaw with this product.  Want moisturized skin that makes your face look brighter, younger, and fresher?  WHO DOESN'T?!

I don't usually get this passionate but I'm going to say that you NEED this product.  You have to have it.  Don't let the word "whitening" scare you.  I promise that you'll get glowing skin! 

(Also, I have oily skin but this great cream hasn't broken me out at all.  Score!) 

You can purchase on HERE for $22 (+$4.49 shipping).  I got mine from a haul Amy brought back for me, so I'm not sure exactly how much mine cost.



I've gotten compliments on my skin from a stranger and my auntie since I started using this product.  Of course, Auntie has to say those things! :-P  

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