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Saturday, August 18, 2012

A favorite polish on a favorite friend

I've mentioned Amy on this blog quite a few times but that's because she's pretty awesome.  She's the one who hauled back a bunch of goodies from South Korea for me.  I've been friends with Amy for about nine years, which is probably why she consented to letting me play manicurist!

Amy is rocking OPI New York Red in this pictures and I think it looks great on her beautiful nails.  (Seriously - they're really strong and healthy.  I'm jeally.)
I forgot to get a picture of my bottle so here's a picture from

You have to remember that I'm not a professional!  Nevertheless, New York Red is probably my favorite polish that I own.  YES - it's that good!

The formula is thin and applies flawlessly.  No goops, no pooling, no bubbling.  I can't find a fault with this product at all.  Not only is this a fantastic "classic red" but also it's incredible quality. 

I find myself reaching for this polish more than any other bottle in my stash.  If you don't have a bottle, you seriously need to get one.  This is a classic!

You can buy OPI New York Red on Amazon HERE for $5.34.

Do you already have a "perfect red?'  What is it?  Aren't red nails just so effortlessly glamorous?!



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