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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mad about mattes

Recently I was talking to my dear friend, E, about the beauty of mattes.  I recently purchased a matte lipgloss (review forthcoming) and I’ve been particularly taken with how it looks on me.  E told me that she’s “rapidly swinging into a matte phase” and is “having trouble finding a good matte palette.”  Well, I couldn’t let the poor girl suffer without some good mattes in her life!

My first and most favorite recommendation would be the two mattes from the original Urban Decay Naked Palette.  They’re Buck and Naked and I LOVE them for creating a matte, natural eye.  It’s a simple eye look that allows you to wear bright lips or cheeks.  Me likey.  (Of course, this doesn’t solve her palette problem, but I thought I’d suggest two mattes I love!)  Click HERE to buy ($18 each for 0.05 oz).

 Urban Decay Buck
Urban Decay Naked

(Photos taken from Urban Decay’s website)

A palette with a good mix of matte neutrals and colors is The Balm’s Meet Matt(e) Eye Palette.  I really love the cute theme – The Balm always has such adorable stuff!  You can buy it at The Balm’s website for $34 dollars for 0.33 oz.  Also, you should check out Temptalia for her great review and swatches.

(Photo taken from The Balm’s website)

Another option is always Inglot.  I haven’t bought any of their shadows but I hear nothing but raves for them.  Plus, they have a gajillion matte options in all different colors of the rainbow.  (I mean, c’mon, they have a matte red!  If you can’t find the matte color you want from Inglot, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist!)  If you use their Freedom System, you can add in all the colors you want to create a custom palette!  Woo-hoo!  You can purchase from their website HERE.  Shadows range from $4.50 to $7.00 each for 0.09 oz
Inglot #366

(Photo taken from Inglot’s website)

A palette that I think is adorable is the Stila In the Know Eye Shadow Palette.  It’s $39 and comes with 10 matte shadows and one Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner!  That’s a pretty great value!  I really love the colors.  You can nab it HERE.

(Photo taken from

Another option if you can’t find a matte is to build your own little stash from NYX.  They have 21 mattes to choose from and I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about them.  I’m particularly drawn to Covet and Haywire.  You can always choose to de-pot these and put them in a palette, if that’s your game.  Plus, they’re only $5 each so go crazy HERE!  

NYX Covet

(Photo taken from NYX’s website)

I hope this helps in everyone’s search for some good mattes!  I think matte so often equals neutral, which is why I’m drawn to the Inglot products.  I keep creating palettes on their website and then deleting from my cart because I’m SO indecisive.

How do you feel about mattes?  Love ‘em, leave ‘em?  What are your favorite mattes?



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  2. I love the Stila palette- it's my next "must have"! Thanks, girl, what would I do without my connections at Orange Lipstick?! -Erika