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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Beauty products from across the world!

If you're without a Korean friend I feel bad for you, son.  I got 99 problems but international airmail ain't one!

You heard that right!  Orange Lipstick is about to get doused with some Korean beauty products and I can't wait!  Ever since I started reading Musings of  Muse I've become interested in Korean / Japanese makeup.  The problem is these products are either hard to get or they cost an arm and a leg to ship over here.  

Fortunately, one of my friends has been in Korea for the last year and is about to come home.  I'm excited to see her and got even more excited when she told me she was able to pick up all the items on my list!

Here's what y'all can look forward to seeing soon:

- Skin Food Omija Whitening Complexion Cream
(Photo taken from Skin Food's website)

- Missha Extreme Cover Concealer (No. 21)
(Photo taken from Missha's website)

- Holika Holika Peach Girl BB Cream
(Photo taken from Makeup Alley)

- Holika Holika Petit BB Cream Moisture (Blue)

(Photo taken from Holika Holika's website)

- InnisFree Trouble Care BB Cream

(Photo taken from

- Etude House BB Magic Cream
(Photo taken from

As you can see, I'm loading up on BB creams!  Get ready!



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