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Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm confused by Jordana Splitting Image...

Today I’m giving you a budget option with Jordana Color Effects Powder Eyeshadow Duo in Splitting Image!  These little duos offer a lot of color variety for only $3.49 each (.094 oz).  Check out Jordana's website to see all the color offerings. 
Jordana Splitting Image

Now, my compact CLAIMS to be Splitting Image, but I have to say that it really doesn’t look like the picture on the website to me.  Jordana describes the shimmer shades as “Golden Beige” and “Brown with Gold Shimmer.”  

Jordana Splitting Image

Ummm…I definitely don’t see the shade on the left being “Golden Beige.”  It’s decidedly burnt gold to me.  It’s worth noting that I won this duo in a giveaway that Jordana was doing (yay for free stuff!) so maybe I got a mixed up one that didn’t have the right shade on the left…who knows.  (Also, I didn’t get to pick my duo – this is just the one they sent.)  

"Gold Beige" and "Brown with Gold Shimmer"

One thing I really like about this duo is that each color is separated into its own pan, not just mushed together.  I prefer to have my colors separate because I think it’s easier to get the color out without mixing them together.  Plus, if you’re interested in de-potting your makeup these would not be too difficult to extract.  The compact snaps shut nicely, which is something I appreciate because I feel that budget options sometimes don’t close very well.

The shade on the left is very buttery but the “Brown with Gold Shimmer” is a little drier.  These apply best with a sponge-tip applicator – brushes don’t tend to pick up the product as well.  The shades blend pretty easily; however, I had a problem with stacking on color.  I put a wash of the left shade on my eyelid and then the right shade in my crease.  Surprisingly, this seemed to make a lot of the gold shade disappear from my eye.  I tried to go back over it with NO result.  I tried packing and patting on the gold shade but it just wouldn’t stick.  Weird.

After eight hours of wear, I had minor creasing a major fading.  Both shades went buh-bye and I didn’t have much left.  I wore these shades over UDPP in Sin, which usually holds like crazy.  Guess UDPP and Jordana just weren’t getting along.

My personal makeup philosophy is to spend your money on good, solid shades that you’ll wear all the time.  For me that’s neutrals (beige, bronze, gold, etc.), purples, and mossy greens.  If I want an electric yellow shadow just for one specific look, I’m not going to shell out $18 for it.  That’s when I turn to drugstore options like Jordana.  Seriously, they have a duo with a lime green and bright lemon yellow!  That philosophy works for me, but maybe you have your own theory.

Personally, I would have preferred to receive one of the funky duos since I have higher-quality products in these shades.  If you are only into beauty buys I would still probably skip these – the fading is a no-go for me.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  Beauty buys aren’t worth the small amount of money if you’re never going to use them.



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This product was won from a Jordana giveaway.

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