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Monday, November 26, 2012

No Plain Jane doesn't live up to her name

Sometimes I like to go bargain-bin diving.  I mean...who doesn't, right?  Well, I found this polish in the clearance bin at Sally's when I was out of town.  (Yes, I go beauty shopping when I'm out of town!  Lol.)

This is China Glaze No Plain Jane.  Now, I knew from reading Scrangie that No Plain Jane was a duochrome from the New Bohemian Luster Chrome collection for Fall 2012.  

However, her polish had a silver cap and mine has a black cap.  It makes me wonder if I got something different?  (What is my deal with weird purples this week?)  Whatever the case may be, my polish doesn't really look as glorious as her bottle.

This is a purple metallic kind of color which seems to have some dull duochrome.  My bottle seems to shift from taupe to sage green and sometimes gold.

As you can see on my nails, the polish looks different from different angles.  

Meh.  This almost looked taupe-ish brown at some angles which isn't really my nail style.  The purple is ok but not something I'm just adoring.

I'm glad I got this on sale for $3.29.  This might just go in the giveaway pile.



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