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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Get matte skin that lasts for hours with e.l.f.!

Oh, powder.  I feel like it's one of the least glamorous pieces of makeup.  Sure, there are drool-worthy high-end versions with ridiculous prices but...let's be honest...I'm never going to shell out +$60 for powder.  

In fact, I hate spending more than about $6 for powder!  I'd much rather save my big bucks for fun eyeshadow palettes or lipstick/gloss sets.  

Which leads me to this new Translucent Matifying Powder from e.l.f.!  This little doozy is $3 and I really love it.

My face has been super-duper oily lately for some unexplained reason so I really need a power that's going to stay put for a while.

This one fits the bill perfectly.  Although there is some pigment, as you can see, I think this is very translucent.  It barely gives off any sort of color on me.

This isn't a huge pan, but I think the $3 price tag is wonderful considering how drugstore powders seem to be creeping up and up in price.

This powder, along with the e.l.f. makeup setting mist I'm going to show you tomorrow have been keep my facial oil to a minimum and helping my makeup stay put all day!

You MUST pick this up!



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