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Monday, October 22, 2012

Will Benefit The POREfessional work for you?

Oh, pores.  Sometimes I really, really hate you.  I am cursed with super-large pores (partially due to genetics and partially due to over-scrubbing) that clog up super easily.  I'm constantly on the lookout for a product to hide them.

Enter this mini sample of Benefit The POREfessional.  This "pro balm" promises to "minimize the appearance of pores."

So, the million dollar question:  does it work?  Well, yes and no.

Yes, the product does a decent job of minimizing my pores at first application; however, I'm so oily that I feel that the product gets slicked off by mid morning.  I see noticeable pores by lunchtime.

Of course, if you're not as oily as me, you might really love this product.  It dries down to a nice, powdery finish.

My other complaint is that this just hides pores - it doesn't really clean them out or minimize them in the long run.  It is oil-free, though, so you're not adding to the problem.

Do you need this?  Well, if you have dry or normal skin you'll probably enjoy it.  For oily might want to keep up the eternal quest!

You can purchase 0.75 oz HERE for $30.



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