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Thursday, October 18, 2012

I'm having a nightmare with this Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers eyeshadow palette

I have the same attitude with makeup that I have with people - I try to find something good about everyone.  It takes a lot for me to totally discount a person or a makeup product.  I have only ever completely thrown away about two products.

Well, make that three.  This Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers eyeshadow palette is completely rubbish.

I picked up 12471 Fairy Flight.  This contains what I thought were some amazing shades.  I was thoroughly disappointed.

Not sure why I swatched these so wonky compared to the palette but oh well!

Right column
Left column

Now, I thought these would be like the amazing Wet n Wild Color Icon palettes that I've reviewed previously.  NO.  These are nothing like those gems.  These are creams:

Now, I've looked all over the packaging and I can't see anywhere that these are listed as creams.  I thought I was getting dry shadows.  Disappointment overload.

These. Are. Terrible.  I tried a couple super-dramatic eye looks but just gave up after seeing how nasty these are. 
Yes, I have the lime green shadow on.  You can barely see it!

The faded, patchy application.  The instant creasing.  Just...eww.  I did an eye look with the black and white but it was so awful that I just took it off without taking a picture.

These are so terrible - do not purchase!  I haven't had experience with Fantasy Makers before but never again.  I will say that I used the white color on my tear duct for a black smoky eye the other night and it lasted decently - but not well.

I'm not even providing a link to purchase because I seriously can't recommend it.  This monstrosity was $4.29.



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