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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Neutrogena Shine Control Samples

Whoa - talk about drugstore samples!  First L'Oréal and now Neutrogena samples!

Neutrogena is releasing a new set of products for shine control and a foundation with SPF 20 is one of the new products.  This sample contained 10 Classic Ivory, 30 Buff, and 60 Natural.  I did a quick once-over of the display and it looks like they only have about two or three more colors, but maybe they haven't all been released yet. 

 Top to bottom:  10 Classic Ivory, 30 Buff, and 60 Natural

 10 Classic Ivory
 30 Buff
 60 Natural

Top to bottom:  10 Classic Ivory, 30 Buff, and 60 Natural

I thought I'd definitely match 10 Classic Ivory, but I think it's too yellow.  30 Buff looks better but it's still pretty dark for me.  I wouldn't say that any of these three colors would be a good fit.

But here's the doozy….this makeup has what I consider to be a fairly high price point.  The display said $13.99 for 1 fl oz. 

Some people will be happy paying that amount for this and, if it really does control shine for eight hours, I'd pay that for it, too.  However, I am SO oily that I highly doubt ANYTHING is going to combat that for eight hours.

I have the new Neutrogena Shine Control Primer that is shown in the promo image on this sample.  I'll save that review for a different time but I will say that I haven't seen any shine-controlling miracles to date.

So will you giving these a glance?  Plan on nabbing a sample card?  Are you ever able to properly color match at the drugstore?



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