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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Makeup Idols!

The first question that people ask me as soon as I tell them that I’ve started beauty blogging is, “How did you even get into beauty blogging?  I didn’t even know there was such a thing!”

The best way to answer that question is to give you a little rundown of the beauty bloggers who inspire me and who I read daily.  These ladies work so hard to create quality blogs and that has inspired me to try to do the same.  I hope this list will encourage you to check out some of these incredible ladies AND add to your list of daily blogs to read!  (I know Orange Lipstick is at the top of that list, right?!)

The first beauty blog I ever got interested in was Makeup and Beauty Blog which is written by a beautiful tabby cat named Tabs.  Wait, what?  No, it’s actually written by his owner/caregiver/servant, Karen.  She is so punny and her writing always makes me happy.  Plus, you can’t beat the fact that so often her swatches are actually looks that she’s done.  I love that because sometimes things look much different swatched on your arm than on your eye.  You really need to check her out: HERE.

(Photo taken from MBB.  Image Source)

Once I was positively in a frenzy over MBB, I landed on Temptalia.  You would need to spend, oh, I don’t know…five solid months of your life catching up on all of Christine’s posts!  She is so detailed and always has the most amazing dupe lists.  She also has an incredible swatch gallery with super-easy sorting.  You can sort by product type, brand, and color.  Her work ethic seriously inspires me.  (Also, check out her foundation matrix!  It’s pretty revolutionary and can help you find all kinds of matches for your skin!)  Check it out HERE

(Photo taken from Temptalia.  Image Source)

I then branched out into nail blogs and my two favorites are Scrangie and Let Them Have Polish (LTHP).  Suffice it to say that both of these ladies have GORGEOUS nails:  so strong and clean.  I’m really, really jealous!  I love Scrangie’s basic pro-con lists because they’re so effective and really cut to the point.  Plus, I think she has amazing eyebrows.  Is that weird?  Scrangie isn’t exclusively nails – she reviews all sorts of things but I think her nail polish reviews are divine!  Cristina from LTHP delivers incredible nail swatches and she’s recently started doing eye of the day (EOTD) looks that are FIERCE.  Both of these ladies rock!

 (Photo taken from Scrangie.  Image Source)

(Photo taken from LTHP. Image Source)

My favorite blog is Musings of a Muse, which I’ve mentioned on O.L. several times.  She posts often, has a hilarious writing style, and covers lots of Asian brands.  Seriously…what’s not to love?  I think it’s great that she posts tons of pictures of up-coming products – seems like she always has an ear to the ground.  Love it.  Plus, she responds to so, so many of her reader comments.  I think that’s awesome because it really feels like a “community” around there!
(Photo taken from Musings of a Muse. Image Source)

Other favorites include Perilously Pale, Pink Sith, and Lipglossing.  Seriously, I can’t get enough!

So there you have it!  Are those all my favorites?  Of course not!  I read many, many more but I wanted to give you several that might serve as good “introductions” for you to the beauty blogging world.  Definitely check them out if you have time – I promise you’ll learn something and all of them have exceptional pictures.

I wanted to get into beauty blogging because I feel like it’s an incredible community.  I hope my blog ends up being half as good as the blogs of the people I admire!



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