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Friday, November 2, 2012

Cover your blemishes with Essence Coverstick

Today I have another Essence product to show you!  This is the new Coverstick in 01 Matt Sand.  

This product promise a matte finish that "calms the skin."

This comes in a tube like a lipstick.  I like the design because it lends itself to easy spot application.

The plastic tube is thin and feels a bit cheap is cheap, so that isn't anything truly terrible, IMHO.

This product is not super creamy and does tug a bit when applying it to the undereye area.  I feel like this product is better formulated to concealing acnes, pox marks, dark spots, etc. and not concealing dark circles.

I have oily skin under my eyes and this is still quite drying.  If you have dry skin under your eyes, steer clear and save this for covering blemishes.

I will say that this lasts all day and does a fantastic job of covering up my acne scars.  Plus, it's super cheap so having a tube in your stash wouldn't be a bad idea!

This is $2.49 and you can pick it up in Ulta stores or online HERE.  It comes in three different shades.



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1 comment:

  1. This is a REALLY BAD choice, if you have slightly sensitive skin like me.
    The first day I used it, it was pretty good, but after a few times, a pinkish rough patch of skin below my eyes (where I used it) formed. I got a bit freaked out and did a bit of research. I couldn't find anything that seemed suspicious, so I just blamed it on the cold weather. After a week, the small pink marks became red, wrinkled and inflamed patches. I was embarrassed to go to school because I looked like I had a HUGE case of pink eye or something!

    So what I'm saying here is this.
    Don't fall for what it says on a package!