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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Control your shine with these minty Boscia sheets!

Tell me you use blotting papers.  Seriously, they're the greatest thing since sliced bread for me!  I have very oily skin and I have to blot constantly.

I usually like the blue, slicky sheets from Neutrogena or Walgreens; however, I decided to grab some of these Boscia ones since they're oh-so-cheap at $5 for 100 sheets.  (I already gave you a preview of these in my "What's in my purse?" video!)

These really do smell like peppermint!  That combined with the adorable packaging make these a must in my purse.

Now, I feel like the Neutrogena ones I use soak up a TON of oil.  Like, almost my entire face full.  Unfortunately, these are for lighter jobs.  If you only have a bit of oily these would work nicely.  I tend to use these for quick touch-ups when my face hasn't completely dissolved into an oil slick.

You can see that they're quite a nice size.  These are also good for blotting your hairline should oil appear there.

All in all, I really like these and I'll be buying more!  I think they're a great addition to my purse and I love the minty scent.



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1 comment:

  1. I myself have the same exact issue as you. Yippee.

    My holy grail blotting sheets are the Lavendar Blotting Papers from Sephora. They are the same size as Boscia's but have a lavendar scent. They are $8 for 100 and I used to think that was expensive. But recently I couldn't buy some and had to try others. The NYX sheets are horrid b/c my make up came off with them and they are too tiny. Then I tried E.L.F.'s and was a little more impressed. E.L.F.'s were small too, but only $1, but I can't see the oil on them and my makeup still comes off a little...not as much as NYX's though. So, I will never try any others again. Love my Sephora papers!